Biocompatibility / Safety

All appropriate biocompatibility tests have been performed. Biocompatibility of HYABELL® has been assessed according to the ISO10993: 2009 standards and encompassed all tests.

In addition to the international standard tests, further longer intracutaneous reactivity evaluation has been performed with HYABELL® Ultra (24 mg/ml). Results of 12-month implantation tests have demonstrated that HYABELL® has high tolerance and biocompatibility profile.



HYABELL® products with lidocaine are easy to apply, providing a comfortable and gentle injection experience according to patients' and doctors' assessments.

HYABELL® products contain 0.3% lidocaine. For doctors, it facilitates the efficacy of treatments in general.
For patients, it improves the comfort by reducing pain, enhancing patients' satisfaction during and after the treatment.


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