N.B.: This product is intended for use exclusively by professional practitioners who master the injection technique of filling implants. The information contained in this leaflet is not complete. It will familiarise you with HYABELL® but cannot provide all the details which may be relevant to your particular needs. Ask your doctor for more information about composition, indications, contraindications, incompatibilities, and side effects.



HYABELL® products are made of non-animal origin hyaluronic acid and contain 0.3% lidocaine. They are medical devices designed to be injected by a doctor experienced specifically in the techniques of filling facial wrinkles by in jection in the dermis and sub cutaneous tissue.

The area to be treated must be properly cleaned with disinfectant solution before the injection. The treatment is easy and quick. Thanks to its flow and smooth injection, the use of very thin needles, the injections are precise, simple and almost painless. Depending on your sensitivity, an anaesthesic cream may be appropriate. On certain sensi tive areas such as lips, it is recommended to give you a local nerve-blocking anaesthesia. Using enclosed thin needles (27G) HYABELL® products can be injected slowly in the mid or deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue. The doctor can use a variety of established injection techniques. After the injection, the treated area is slightly massaged to spread HYABELL®

The quantity of HYABELL® products to be used depends on the desired filling effect. Injection with HYABELL® gives you an optimal filling and volume effect.

It is easy to inject for the doctor and due to included lidocaine, almost painless during injection. Also, the newest development technique makes it possible to inject less product and at the same time give the wanted result. No overcorrection is needed.


All appropriate tests for safety of HYABELL® products (so-called biocompatibility tests) have been made. These tests are performed according to newest international industry norms and standards.

In addition to the international standard tests, more longer reactivity studies were made with HYABELL® ULTRA product. Even after 12 months, the results after an implantation showed a high tolerance and acceptance of HYABELL® in the skin.


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